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Commercial Management

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Commercial property can be an excellent way to generate good investment returns (from rental income) and provide for capital growth but, as with all forms of investment, it is not without its risks and requires knowledge, experience and active management for potential to be fully realised.


EWS’s Commercial Property Management Department provides a range of services which, in return for a fee of a modest percentage of the rental income, frees property owners of all the hassles of managing the premises they own. Key aspects like punctual billing of rent, chasing up overdue rent, organising the insurance of premises, ensuring tenants are complying with the obligations of their lease particularly with respect to repair and decoration, ensuring key dates (e.g. rent reviews and lease renewals) are not missed, are all part of the services we provide. 

EWS’s portfolio of commercial properties comprises all sizes and types of property from large warehouses, medium-sized office blocks to small individual shop premises – nothing is too small or too large.

Our range of commercial property management services includes the following:


  • Rent invoicing and collection
  • Chasing up overdue rent, insurance premiums etc
  • (In multi-tenanted buildings) fulfilling landlords’ repairing obligations and assessing / collecting
    tenants’ service charge costs
  • Fully managing all maintenance contracts and supply of services to the common (shared) parts of such multi-tenanted buildings
  • Provision of premises insurance cover (usually at tenants’ expense)
  • Regular site inspections
  • Reminders of key dates relating to rent reviews, lease renewals, repair obligations etc
  • Ensuring tenants comply with their lease obligations and relevant regulations/legislation that relates
    to commercial property
  • Overseeing and enforcing the tenants repairing obligations in leases


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